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This project chronicles the life of my family during the Covid-19 pandemic. The fear and isolation at home during the lockdown, the distance learning of children, the decision to have a new child during the pandemic, pregnancy, and childbirth, all accompanied by the inevitable protective mask, symbol of this time.

Italy in 2020 recorded the historical minimum of births since the time of the Unification of Italy (150 years ago), and in 2021 no improvement is expected. In addition to the national economic situation and record youth unemployment (over 33%, against a European average of 12.5%), fear for the pandemic has worsened things in the young people who want to become parents. Despite this, we continue to be born at the time of the Covid-19, the Cambridge Dictionary has coined a new term for who is born during this pandemic time "Coronnials". The element that distinguishes every image is the inseparable protective mask that accompanies every moment, even during the incredible birth effort or the first hug with the new baby.

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