Mother Teresa Shelter

"Sappiamo bene che ciò che facciamo non è che una goccia nell'oceano. Ma se questa goccia non ci fosse, all'oceano mancherebbe."


Madre Teresa di Calcutta 

Mother  Teresa arrived in India in 1929.

In the 1948 began her missionary work with the poorest  in Calcutta. She adopted the Indian citizenship and replacing her habit with a simple white cotton “sari” decorated with a blue border.

In 1950, with the permission of the Vatican, founded The Missionaries of Charity established in Kolkata as a small order with just 13 members . Now consists in over  4500 religious sisters in 133 countries all over the world.

The hospices and homes are for the poors, refugees,  people sick with Aids, tubercolosis  and other diseases, ex prostitutes, mentally ill, sick or abandoned children and much more.

They offer many  service for the peoples like soup kitchens,  leper colony and school to educate the street childrens.

They have 19 homes in Kolkata.

Some of these pictures are take in a Kalighat Home for the Dying, inside an old abandoned Hindu Temple dedicated to the Goddes Kali.

Emiliano Pinnizzotto / Photography /

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